For general inquiries, please email

Head Office:

Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC)
#1100, 744 – 4th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB  T2P 3T4
Phone: 587-349-5880
Fax: 403-543-6099

Spencer Buckland
Phone: 403-543-6090
Executive Assistant
to the President

Carley Milhausen
Phone: 587-349-5877
Manager, Operations
Don Merriam
Phone: 514-714-1075
Manager, Safety and Quality
Patrick Knight
Phone: 403-543-6501
Technical Advisor
Louis-Philippe Ethier
Phone: 514-886-0984
Technical Advisor
Lee Nelson
Phone: 250-318-5708
Technical Advisor
Chris Whitman
Phone: 403-512-0090
Manager, Finance
Linus Lau
Phone: 587-349-5878
Manager, Process Services
Cheryl Dahlager
Phone: 403-543-6092
Administrative Assistant
Joanna Bossert
Phone: 403-543-6504
Communications and
Marketing Advisor

Danelle Wettstein
Phone: 587-349-5881
Administrative Assistant
Larissa Johnson
Phone: 587-349-5880