ERAC’s vision is to be the highest quality emergency preparedness and response assistance organization in Canada. In order to recognize the efforts of outstanding individuals and teams, ERAC is pleased to announce that it has created four awards in the areas of: (1) Leadership, (2) Safety, (3) Collaboration and Teamwork and (4) Training and Learning. They will be awarded each year and distributed every two years at the National Training forum.

The selection process for 2017 has been completed and awarded during our National Training Forum in May 15-17, 2017. The recipients were:

  • Excellence in Leadership Award – Harvey Steffensen
  • Excellence in Safety Award – Mark Jasper
  • Excellence in Teamwork and Collaboration Award – John Frankruyter
  • Excellence in Training and Learning Award – LPG – Keyera; FL – QM Environmental (Stoney Creek)