ERAC's Response to COVID-19

We want to provide an update our stakeholders regarding COVID-19. It has been over 15 months and ERAC’s number one priority is still the safety of our staff, Plan Participant members and responder network.

As Canada begins to re-open, ERAC will pivot and resume our annual regional training and assessment days for our response team network. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation carefully and follow all recommended provincial and federal guidelines and protocols. We’ve developed and provided recommendations for responders working in the field, and have asked that our staff and response network follow these same recommendations while attending regional training and assessments.

ERAC’s operation group continues to monitor the network of response teams and their readiness on an ongoing basis. Our response team network will continue to notify ERAC if their availability changes due to COVID-19 so that we can plan accordingly, including dispatching the next closest team or RMA/TA in case of an incident. 

We have developed an ArcGIS application that shows the locations and contact information for businesses across Canada that provide disinfection and deep cleaning services. Most of these multi-faceted organizations are also part of ERAC’s dangerous goods response network.

At this time, all travel by ERAC staff is evaluated on a case-by-case basis for, but not limited to, dangerous goods emergency response incidents, annual regional training and assessments days and any on going equipment maintenance requirements to keep emergency response equipment in a state of readiness. All meetings at ERAC, internal and external, will continue to be virtual for the time being. All our staff will continue to telework and will return to the office once it is safe to do so.

More information about COVID-19 can be found at the Government of Canada website


Spencer Buckland
Emergency Response Assistance Canada