2019 Q2 Newsletter - ERAC Reaches LPG ERAP Milestone

ERAC reached a notable milestone when Transport Canada issued our 500th LPG ERAP number to Barnwell of Canada Ltd.!

To fully appreciate how far we’ve come, we’re casting back to 1987 when A-1 Industrial Propane Ltd. from Burnaby, BC signed its Participation Agreement with LPG Assistance Corp. to secure its LPG Stationary Tank Plan. In June of 1987, Transport Canada issued the company ERP 2-0010-001.

A-1 Industrial Propane later changed its name to Autogas Propane Ltd. and remained with ERAC for twenty-six years!

Let’s put this into perspective! The top-grossing movies in 1987 were 3 Men and Baby, then Fatal Attraction, followed by Beverly Hills Cop II. The recipient of Oscar’s Best Picture went to Platoon. Billboard’s number one song was Walk Like an Egyptian by the Bangles. Now that’s going back a few years!

It’s true that ERAC doesn’t currently hold 500 active ERAPs. However, ERAC has earned the right to boast that since its inception, we’ve seen significant growth and had many accomplishments, such as:

  • Currently supporting 289 LPG, 67 FL, and 11 Dangerous Goods Plan Participants.
  • Overseeing and managing a national network of 20 trained, assessed, and approved teams.
  • Offering the LPG Firefighting Awareness online course to 1,246 individuals from municipal and volunteer fire departments. You couldn’t do that in 1987!
  • Providing geospatial mapping that allows us to locate resources and potential threats or vulnerabilities with the coordinates of an incident.

From large corporations to small family owned businesses, ERAC provides high-quality emergency response services and peace of mind. The positive impact of ERAC spans the nation and across decades.

Thank you to the ERAC Board of Directors, steering committees, responders, the leadership team, ERAC staff and first responders for making ERAC the success that it is today.

The organization continues to grow and adapt to industry needs. We are expanding into new areas of emergency services, thereby setting the organization’s path for the next thirty years!