2019 Q3 Newsletter - Collaborating with FESTI for Safer Communities

During the summer, ERAC Operations staff met with FESTI (Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute) at the Toronto Pearson Airport to discuss expanding our ability to reach first responders with ammonia safety training and LPG firefighting, as well as improve our flammable liquid fire fighting training sessions. ERAC reps toured the site and reviewed the usefulness of the existing props and equipment to support our needs, in addition to where upgrades or changes could be made. This existing facility has a good footprint, easy access via the Toronto airport and existing classroom and field infrastructure to support value-added, realistic training.

This September, ERAC is partnering with FESTI for Firefighter Days to offer a hybrid one-day course on LPG firefighting and ammonia response. The goal is to raise awareness for these courses and have them added to the reoccurring curriculum at the FESTI campus.

We are working with FESTI to modify a portion of a tank car to better represent a burning flammable liquids car with a heat-induced tear. The prop will be used to give our industrial firefighting teams a chance to practice on a more realistic prop.