2020 Q2 Newsletter - Who knew? ERAC Aids Brewery in Hand Sanitizer Production During COVID-19

In May, we received a unique request from a prospective Plan Participant member – a brewery.

To do their part in the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as seizing an opportunity, Parallel 49 Brewing Company in Vancouver, BC began producing hand sanitizer for its community. However, due to the volume of ethanol being shipped by rail to satisfy the demand for Parallel 49 Brewing’s product, the brewery suddenly met the threshold for and required a flammable liquids emergency response assistance plan (ERAP). Essentially, an ERAP proves to Transport Canada that an organization has a plan and the resources in place should the product be involved in an incident.

On referral from an existing ERAC Plan Participant, Parallel 49 Brewing reached out to ERAC. Within 11 days, we were able to sign a contract, set up the approved ERAP in Transport Canada’s EOS system and ensure there was no delay in production.

"We would like to thank ERAC for moving so quickly in order for us to secure our supply chain to make sure that we are getting the raw goods to produce the hand sanitizer and getting it out to the public as fast as possible,” said Mike Sleeman, co-owner of Parallel 49 Brewing. “During times of need, speed is of the utmost importance to make sure that we can support our frontline workers and communities."

A special thank you to Transport Canada’s staff for giving extra attention to COVID-19 related requests during this time – Parallel 49 Brewing is not the first ERAC Plan Participant to apply for a flammable liquids ERAP for shipping ethanol related to the production of hand sanitizer in the past months.

Breweries are not ERAC’s typical member – in fact, Parallel 49 Brewing is the first – but we’re happy to be able to not only support this innovative business but also the safety of our communities in any way possible.