2021 Q1 Newsletter - In the Spotlight: Drain-All

Drain-All Ltd. is one of ERAC’s LPG and flammable liquid response teams, operating out of Ottawa and Napanee, ON. Founded in 1984, Drain-All has been working with ERAC, and previously LPGERC, for almost a decade. Drain-All has responded to numerous ERAP implementations over the past years, as well as actively participating in regional training and assessment events and ERAC’s National Training Forum, both of which are beneficial for the response team to gain experience and contribute to a safe and efficient response.

When responding to incidents, Drain-All team members depart from multiple locations, reducing the response time, and use a unique system involving dropping off to site a sea can loaded with equipment. This system allows Drain-All to be efficient and quick while the response team members focus on the incident itself. The abilities of the team leader, John DeVegt, alternate team leader, Michael Magee, and all team members to share knowledge and be open minded while working with other organizations or individuals helps create successful partnerships.