Emergency Response Planning

Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC) creates new emergency response plans (ERPs), including Emergency Response Assistance Plans (ERAPs), Environmental Emergency (E2) plans, rail security plans and spill contingency plans, and reviews and validates existing plans as part of an audit and gap analysis.

We organize and take an active role in tabletop and on-site exercises designed to test facility preparedness and regulatory compliance. ERAC’s team includes an average of 30 years in emergency planning and dangerous goods response, Master’s degree in Disaster and Emergency Management, Bachelor’s degree with a specialization in Geographic Information Systems and decades of experience in writing ERPs.

Rail Security Plans

A railway loader must implement a security plan under the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, 1992 and the Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Rail Security Regulations SOR/2019-113.

A railway loader is defined as

  • any person that operates a handling site, or
  • any manufacturer or producer of dangerous goods that has possession of dangerous goods at a handling site for the purposes of loading them prior to, or unloading them after, transportation by rail.

The content of a written plan includes items such as identifying responsible persons, organizational structure, security risk assessment, prevention and training.

ERPs for facilities

For offices, an evacuation plan is a display informing the occupants of a building of the measures to be taken in case of an emergency evacuation and serves firefighters in case of an intervention. One evacuation plan by ‘floor area’ under the National Fire Code article

Plan Audit & Analysis

ERAC can review your existing ERPs in an audit and gap analysis format, identifying strengths and weakness or missing requirements in your plan, with recommendations in improving your plan to “best in class”. These investments in continual improvement and training will be rewarded with safe and successful emergency incident interventions for your facility employees, civic first responders and most important of all, the public.

GIS, Mapping & Displays

For evacuation plans as part of emergency response plans, we can provide floor plans, evacuation routes and fire plans. Our E2 mapping meets and surpasses all regulatory requirements, using sophisticated software to establish and highlight Emergency Planning Zones (EPZs) for your regulated substances.

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