Spill Contingency Planning

Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC) can meet all your spill contingency planning needs - we’re in the business of emergency management. For over 30 years, ERAC’s qualified staff has trained, assessed and approved response teams from coast to coast. We are one of the leading organizations in emergency response in Canada.

  1. Join as a Plan Participant - With its network of response teams and equipment caches, ERAC responds to emergencies across Canada on behalf of its Plan Participants. Spill and incident response is included in our annual cost for Plan Participants. We have trained, assessed and approved response teams and equipment from coast to coast, covering your emergency response needs across Canada, including offices in Alberta, Quebec and B.C.
  2. Develop your plan - ERAC has full-time staff dedicated to developing emergency response plans. ERAC keeps up-to-date with new or revised regulations through established relationships with the government.
  3. Test your plan - ERAC assists with the development and execution of mandatory annual drills and exercises for its Plan Participants. We also run full-scale exercises annually with industry, response teams and government officials.


For more information about how ERAC can help with your spill contingency planning, contact
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