Training & Events

Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC) response personnel are extensively trained in the handling, storage and/or transportation of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and flammable Liquids products and containers. Their hands-on training includes courses on product transferring, vapour and liquid flaring, container purging, and bonding and grounding as well as WHMIS/GHS, TDG Certification, First Aid, CPR, H2S Awareness and SCBA/PPE.

Annual Regional Team Training

Once a year, ERAC conducts training that is held in each region for the Remedial Measures Advisors (RMAs), Technical Advisors (TAs), Response Team Leaders (RTLs), Alternate Team Leaders (ATLs), as well as all response team members to test their skills and update on any new developments. Through this process, all ERAC responders are assessed and approved to respond to incidents on behalf of our Plan Participants.


Every two years, ERAC holds National Training forum (Nationals), which brings together all of our RTLs, ATLs, TAs, RMAs, ERAC management & leadership and committee members. Attendees gather, usually in the spring, to share their learnings, learn new skills and refresh their knowledge.