First Responder Training

One of Emergency Response Assistance Canada’s four pillars is the training of first responders in transportation of dangerous goods incidents.

We provide a variety of training options – online and in-person, live-fire – for flammable liquids and LPG; in some cases, in collaboration with industry partners.

LPG Firefighting Training

  • *LPG Firefighting Awareness Course (online) – ERAC offers the LPG Firefighting Awareness online training course free-of-charge to all Canadian first responders.
  • LPG Level 1 Operations Firefighting Training Course (in-person) – The LPG Level 1 Operations firefighting training is a two-day course. The curriculum is based on NFPA standards and consists of both classroom and live-fire exercises using a mobile prop trailer owned and operated by ERAC.

Flammable Liquids Training

Additional Resources

  • *Safety Awareness Kit for First Responders (Transport Canada) – The Transport Canada Transportation of Dangerous Good (TDG) Directorate has prepared a kit containing safety awareness materials for first responders.
  • *TRANSCAER® Canada (Chemistry Industry Association of Canada) – ERAC is a proud partner in TRANSCAER® Canada. Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response initiative (TRANSCAER®) members work with municipalities, emergency responders, and residents in communities along transportation routes to make sure they are informed about the products being moved through their area and prepared to respond to potential incidents involving dangerous goods.
  • *First Responder Resources (CN)
  • *Hazmat Training (CP)
  • *Ethanol Emergency Response (Renewable Fuels Association)

* Indicates free resources available