LPG Firefighting Training

LPG Firefighting Awareness Online Course

ERAC offers the LPG Firefighting Awareness online training course free-of-charge to all Canadian first responders. This training provides:

  • the ability to make safe and strategic decisions of non-intervention, offensive and defensive strategies when encountering liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) fire emergencies, and
  • information needed to assess hazards and prevent further harm or injury at the scene by responding appropriately and calling for the necessary resources and assistance.

With this knowledge, our first responders can reduce the risk to their communities, and themselves.

Upon successful completion of the online awareness training course, first responders can enroll in the LPG Level 1 Operations firefighting training course.

Course Content:

There are seven modules within the online training and each module is followed by a quiz covering the content from the training modules, with a pass rate of 80%.

The course consists of the following modules:

  • Module 1 - LPG Overview
  • Module 2 - The Basics & First Aid 
  • Module 3 - Container Types
  • Module 4 - LPG Documentation, Safety Features, and Damages 
  • Module 5 - Placards, ERG, ICS and Roles & Responsibilities
  • Module 6 - Fire Fighting Considerations, Additional Factors, and BLEVEs 
  • Module 7 - ERPs, ERAPs, Response levels, and ERAC

First responders: To enroll in the LPG Firefighting Awareness online training, please complete the form below. Your request will be processed within two business days.

Others: Please sign up for the course through our training courses store.


LPG Level 1 Operations Firefighting Training Course

“The course was extremely beneficial for the regional [fire] departments. Your expertise and knowledge in LPG and incidents involving pressurized liquids [were] welcomed by the group with some great takeaways. Thank you for being flexible to the group’s skillsets and limited knowledge in this field; it was a pleasure to see the group interact with your style of teaching … this fun and interactive course.”

Kynan O’Rourke, Regional Deputy Fire Chief, Regional District of Central Kootenay

The LPG Level 1 Operations firefighting training is a two-day course. The curriculum is based on NFPA standards and consists of both classroom and live-fire exercises using a mobile prop trailer owned and operated by ERAC.

The first day is classroom-based and consists of two parts. Part one candidates review different modules that cover every facet of LPG emergency management, including: 

  • emergency response assistance plans (ERAPs) and regulations
  • the Emergency Response Guidebook
  • LPG products and their characteristics
  • cylinders, tanks and storage
  • LPG trucks and transport
  • rail transportation
  • firefighting water flow requirements 
  • gas detection 
  • Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapour Explosions (B.L.E.V.E.)
  • auto refrigeration
  • vapour and liquid flaring

Part two is a review of commonly encountered LPG emergencies as scenarios. These scenarios require firefighters to work through the strategy, risk mitigation, planning, problem solving, decision-making and incident action plans and tactics necessary to safely manage the situation.

Day two consists of hands-on training. The ERAC instruction team shows up on site with four propane training props that are used to simulate situations encountered in the field by first responders. These simulators include:

  • LPG distribution system fire,
  • propane motor vehicle fuel tank fire,
  • building service meter flange fires, and
  • propane cylinder fire.

Proper cooling techniques, valve shut-offs, pressure relief devices, leak control and extinguishment techniques, and egress are reviewed and practiced throughout the training. 

For more information on the LPG Level 1 Operations training course and/or to register your fire department, contact us at training@erac.org. There is a minimum of 16 participants required to conduct the LPG Level 1 Operations training course.

If you are a member of the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs (OAFC) and would like to register for the LPG Level 1 Mobile Operations training, please visit the OAFC website.



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