Emergency Response Planning

Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC) develops emergency response plans (ERPs), including:

We organize, facilitate and evaluate tabletop and on-site exercises, designed to test facility preparedness and regulatory compliance. ERAC’s team has extensive experience in emergency planning and dangerous goods response and decades of experience in writing ERPs.

ERPs for Facilities

ERAC can create site-specific plans for dangerous goods that are present on your work sites. These plans may include various emergency response actions and evacuation procedures.

Plan Audit & Analysis

ERAC can review your existing ERPs in an audit and gap analysis format, identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps in your plan, and make recommendations to improve your plan to “best in class.” These investments in continual improvement and training are rewarded with safe and successful emergency incident interventions for your facility employees, civic first responders and the public.

GIS, Mapping & Displays

For evacuation plans as part of emergency response plans, we can provide floor plans, evacuation routes and fire plans. Our E2 mapping meets and surpasses all regulatory requirements, using sophisticated software to establish and highlight emergency planning zones (EPZs) for your regulated substances.