Environmental Emergency (E2) Plans

Environmental emergency (E2) plans are required by Environment and Climate Change Canada for all industries that have large volumes of regulated hazardous substances stored at their facilities. E2 plans detail potential incidents, and how your company will prepare for, respond to, and recover from an incident. ERAC assists clients in meeting the regulations by developing new E2 plans, reviewing and editing existing E2 plans, and developing or assisting with annual drills and exercises.

ERAC can write your E2 plan, produce public notification brochures and facilitate annual tabletop training sessions for your facility employees. ERAC can also partner with organizations that have the internal resources to execute some of the plan requirements and will reduce the cost of the plan accordingly.

Your E2 plan includes modelling using ALOHA - Areal Locations of Hazardous Atmospheres, a computer program designed to model chemical releases for emergency planners. Our in-house geospatial information specialists produce maps that identify critical infrastructure, high occupancy and vulnerable population locations, as well as hydrology and environmental receptors.

The E2 Regulations apply to any person who owns or has the charge, management or control of a listed substance that:


ERAC has produced numerous E2 submissions for both small and large facilities in various industries across Canada involving class 2.1 and class 3 dangerous goods.

ERAC also responds to emergencies involving stationary tanks on behalf of its Plan Participant members and assists with the development and execution of mandatory annual drills and exercises. For 38 years, ERAC’s qualified staff has trained, assessed and approved response teams from coast to coast.


Other Services

  • Audit and gap analysis of current E2 Plans

  • Writing/updating E2 Plans to meet 2019 Regulations

  • Create public notification brochures

  • Create exercise scenarios and templates

  • Facilitate and evaluate annual small-scale exercises (or tabletops) and full-scale exercises

  • Emergency response activities related to class 2.1 and 3 dangerous goods


Ensure your facilities are compliant with the latest E2 regulations. For more information on E2 plans, please fill out the contact form below.

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