Emergency Response Assistance Plans (ERAPs)

Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC)’s emergency response assistance plan (ERAP) provides emergency response support to road, rail and stationary tank incidents (>450L).

Transport Canada Dangerous Goods Regulations require all shippers of dangerous goods shipped in specific quantities by road, rail and marine to submit an ERAP for approval. As Canada's emergency preparedness and response organization, we assist Plan Participant members who transport the following products by road or rail, or those who store these products in tanks with capacities of 450 litres or greater. These products are gases at standard temperatures and pressure, and include:

  • UN 1075 Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

  • UN 1978 Propane 

  • UN 1011 Butane 

  • UN 1077 Propylene

  • UN 1012 Butylene 

  • UN 1969 Isobutene 

  • UN 1055 Isobutylene

It is recognized that these products may contain a concentration of condensate and/or minute quantities of other elements including hydrogen sulphide.

We also respond to emergencies involving:

  • UN 1010 Butadiene – 1,3 (stabilized)

In addition, we respond to the following flammable liquids requiring ERAPs, transported by rail only:

  • UN 1170 Ethanol

  • UN 1202 Diesel Fuel

  • UN 1203 Gasoline

  • UN 1267 Petroleum Crude Oil

  • UN 1268 Petroleum Distillates, N.O.S. 

  • UN 1863 Fuel Aviation, Turbine Engine 

  • UN 1987 Alcohols, N.O.S.

  • UN 1993 Flammable Liquid, N.O.S.

  • UN 3295 Hydrocarbons, Liquid, N.O.S.

  • UN 3475 Ethanol and Gasoline Mixture 

  • UN 3494 Petroleum Sour Crude Oil, Flammable, Toxic 


Additional information and resources relating to ERAP requirements can be found by referring to Transport Canada’s guides below:


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Implementing the Plan

An ERAP can be implemented by or on behalf of a Plan Participant member. For example, in the case of a train derailment, the plan could be implemented on behalf of your company by a railway or government official.

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