Access the entire ERAC Responder Training Curriculum for a discount of $50 over buying each course separately.



  • ERAC Responder Orientation & Media Relations

  • Critical Incident Stress Management

  • Identifying Dangerous Goods - The Basics

  • Identifying Dangerous Goods - At the Scene

  • Identifying Liquids and Gas Containers

  • Identifying Health and Physical Hazards at the Scene

  • Assessing and Predicting the Behaviours of Dangerous Goods

  • Assessing the Behaviours of Containers

  • Assessing the Size and Risk of Endangered Areas

  • Planning the Response

  • Gas Detection and Hygiene Monitoring

  • PPR - Procedures and Use

  • Fall Protection

  • Emergency Decontamination

  • Grounding and Bonding

  • Flammable Liquieds Transfer by Truck

  • Flammable Liquids Transfer by Rail

  • LPG Transfer by Truck and Rail

  • ICS 100*

  • ICS 200*

*ERAC’s ICS 100 and 200 courses were developed to support our responders in meeting the basics of ICS. These two internal adaptations are intended to meet the requirement for ERAC responders who respond to transportation (rail & road) incidents involving liquefied petroleum gases and flammable liquids.

ERAC’s ICS 100 and 200 are not recognized by ICS Canada and do not provide a pathway to ICS Canada-approved training. Registration is restricted to Canadian first responders.